Advanced Level Projects with Scratch: Fun with Fractals


“In his book Program or Be Programmed, author Douglas Rushkoff describescomputer programming as an essential literacy for the 21st century. It makes sense, as we recognize the importance of teaching students to communicate by listening and speaking, and we go to great lengths to teach reading and writing. Now, in an increasingly digital world, we should ensure that our students have experience using and making programs.

In our previous tutorials about elementary and intermediate level Scratch, we practiced programming by using code to draw 2D geometric shapes commonly covered in elementary mathematics curriculums. Now we’ll address middle and high school level material with a new problem-solving strategy called recursion, a central idea of computer science.

There is an interesting example of recursion found in nature called a fractal. Fractals are repeating patterns that look similar at every scale of magnification. We’ll teach our computers to draw a famous fractal — the Sierpiński Triangle. If you prefer video guides you can watch the tutorialinstead.” To read further please click here:

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