A sneak peek at the new Google Classroom

By: dailygenius.com

goog“There’s a whole new classroom management tool on the block and it’s designed to streamline the tools you’re already using. It’s called ‘Classroom’ and it’s by the education team over at Google. They’ve basically made it quicker and easier to use their current apps in one cohesive online environment.

Essentially, Google Classroom lets you create an online, well, classroom that enables you to post on a ‘stream’ (just like on Facebook) and share assignments (via Google Drive and simple uploading) with a group of students. The folks over at EdTechTeacher got a sneak peek at what it looks like and how it works. ” To read further please click here: http://dailygenius.com/a-sneak-peek-at-the-new-google-classroom/

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