A School With No Principal (But Plenty of Leadership)

By:Justin Baeder

principal“Can you imagine your school functioning without a principal? Not just for a day here or there…but forever?

That’s exactly what this school in Maine is doing: they’re not going to replace their principal, who stepped down for medical reasons:

“She was splitting her time and it seemed like when we needed something or something came up, she wasn’t available for us,” said Tammy Moulton, an eighth-grade teacher who has taught in Athens for 30 years. “Between obligations at another school and meetings she had to attend, she wasn’t often available, and we found ourselves doing a lot of things anyway. We had to make decisions and get things done on a daily basis.”One teacher saw an article about a “teacher-led” school — there is no principal and teachers are fully responsible for all decisions — and they decided the model was something they wanted to explore. “

Instead of hiring a new principal, they’re using the instructional leadership capacity they’ve already built. Can this work?” To read further please click here:http://www.principalcenter.com/a-school-with-no-principal-but-plenty-of-leadership/

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