A Flipped Classroom? Or Should It Be Sideways?

By:Emily Ko

flipped-classroom1 (1)“The traditional model of teach we’re familiar with is that of the teacher in front of the class, lecturing and assigning homework for students to do once they leave the classroom. The teacher has full control over their learning process. Or do they?

Teachers who seem to have full control over their student’s learning often run against the wall of school-day ennui. So, here’s the concept that’s been making a buzz all through the education world these days: Why not flip it?

Put control over the classroom on the hands of the students, not the teachers. Utilize a variety of online teacher resources (many of which are free!) instead of paper printouts and repetitive lectures. The flipped classroom or sideways classroom promises to make the experience far less tiresome for both teachers and students.” To read further please click here:  http://www.edudemic.com/flipped-classroom-or-sideways/

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