9 Ways to Prepare for a Substitute for Your Tough Class

By: Love Teach

out of control“During my first year of teaching, I had to be out for quite a lot of professional-development days during the school year. I was not an effective classroom manager my first year, and I taught several classes of students with behavioral disorders. The combination of these factors means that during much of my first year, I was plagued by DABOBLYSWAB, which stands for that feeling of Diarrhea-ish Awfulness Brought On By Leaving Your Students With a Sub.

One day when I was out, my students used my duct tape to tape one another to chairs and uploaded a video of it to Facebook.I don’t want to talk about it.
The good news, though, is that over the past several years, I’ve learned several things about preparing to be out when you’ve got a tough crowd of students. I’m proud to say that my DABOBLYSWAB has been almost entirely cured. In fact, I was out for a day this past week and received a near-perfect report from the sub, which almost made  me cry, then made me skeptical for just a second, but then almost made me cry again.
If you have found yourself suffering from major DABOBLYSWAB, here are nine ways to prepare for a substitute for your tough class:” To read further please click here:


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