9 Amazing Augmented Reality Apps for Teaching and Learning

By:Suzette Marabel

augmented“We’re Seeing an Explosion of Free and Low Cost Augmented Reality Tools for Education

Augmented reality (AR) has evolved in recent years and its application in classrooms is limitless. Educators don’t need to feel overwhelmed when trying to introduce AR in their classroom because there are many great apps that don’t require a lot of knowledge in the field. There are useful apps for every subject and there are also apps that when a teacher is ready they can create their own AR targets.Augmented reality works well in schools because it brings close to real life experiences to the classrooms. It’s fascinating to see the faces of students when they have the opportunity to explore space, the human body, cells or chemistry elements. You appreciate how eager and engaged they become with some simple AR apps.” To read further please click here:  http://www.emergingedtech.com/2015/11/augmented-reality-apps-teaching-learning-classroom/

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