7 questions to ask regarding whether education technology improves learning

By: Terry Freeman

blackboard“Does education technology improve learning? The intuitive answer to those of us involved in education technology is “of course it does”. However, the evidence from research is not conclusive. I think the reason is that it’s actually very difficult to carry out robust research in this area. As the impact of education technology has often been a topic for discussion in the Naace andMirandanet mailing lists, I thought it might be useful to try and clarify the issues as I see them.But is she learning better? The question “Does education technology improve learning?” naturally leads on to a set of other questions that need to be addressed:

What Education Technology?

The question as stated is too broad. A computer is not the same as a suite of computers. It’s not even the same as a laptop, which is not the same as a handheld device. Software is not the same as hardware, and generic software, such as a spreadsheet, is not the same as specific applications, such as maths tuition software.”To read further please click here:


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