6th-Graders Have Their Say: Why Students Value Blogging

By:Susan Lucille Davis blog“Last year, I introduced blogging to my sixth-graders because I believe it is the most authentic way to teach our students how to  write. As I have shared in “10 Reasons Why I Want My Students to Blog,” I believe, in short,

  • Blogging provides an authentic way for students to write about their passions;
  • it invites students to practice civil discourse by giving and receiving feedback;
  • it recognizes that writing is a process that also invites students to experiment with different forms of communication
  • it encourages transparency;
  • and it provides a launching pad for connecting with the world in meaningful ways for positive change.

Using the platform Kidblog, my students wrote at least nine blog posts (some even chose to write more on their own initiative), five of them as specific writing assignments and four of them as “free posts.”” To read further please click here:

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