60 Smarter Ways To Use Google Classroom

By:TeachThought Staff

google classroom“Google Classroom is quietly becoming the most powerful tool in education technology.It may lack the visual appeal of iPads, or the student credibility of a BYOD program. It may not be as forward-thinking as we’d like here at TeachThought, but Google Classroom excels in providing solutions for a broad swath of teachers who have a variety of expertise and comfort level with education technology. It also uses Google’s familiar template that many teachers have used for years. As such, it scratches the itch for many teachers in many classrooms right here, right now.

So below are (at least) 60 thing you can do with Google Classroom. We’ll be updating this list as new ideas come in, the platform changes, and we learn more about its subtleties on our own.

60 Smarter Ways To Use Google Classroom

  1. When an assignment, lesson, or unit doesn’t work, add your own comments–or have students add their own feedback), then tag it or save it to a different folder for revision.
  2. Align curriculum with other teachers.
  3. Share data with professional learning community.
  4. Keep samples of exemplar writing for planning.
  5. Tag your curriculum.

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