6 Ways Microsoft technology helps foster creativity and critical thinking skills

microsoftBy:Andrew Robertson

“More and more classrooms are doing away with traditional teaching strategies and are emphasizing nurturing students’ self-expression and creativity. Here are six ways technology can be used in the classroom to foster creativity and critical thinking skills.

1. Instead of traditional tests, conduct assessments by having students create content in Office Mix to demonstrate understanding

This challenges students to put their personal spin on the material by using critical thinking skills to add their ideas and opinions to the topic, while using creativity to communicate their learning in an effective and engaging way. See this Office Mix made by educator Lidija Kralj from Croatia that demonstrates how she uses this “270 Degree Method” in her math lessons.

2. Use OneNote for learning activities that allow students to respond in different modalities and be creative about how they communicate ideas

Like in this learning activity for Squirrel Appreciation Day, use OneNote to organize questions that encourage students to think critically about the material, and to give your students multiple ways to respond while challenging them to be creative in how they do it. Whether inking, listening to audio, or working with a partner to create a video, all these functions can be embedded and submitted within theOneNote Class Notebook where the activity sits.” To read further please click here:  http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ukfe/archive/2015/06/16/6-ways-microsoft-technology-helps-foster-creativity-and-critical-thinking-skills.aspx

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