6 Teaching Strategies to Model Learning

By: Jordan Catapano

teach123“I remember Mr. Ford. One day during my freshman year in biology, Mr. Ford walked in. He was a substitute. “Hi everybody. I’m Mr. Ford. Mrs. Phillips will be out for the next two weeks and I’ll be here until then.” His announcement wasn’t unexpected, but what was unexpected was that for the next two weeks, I learned more in biology class than I did the rest of the year. What was the difference? Mr. Ford seemed to know as much about biology as Mrs. Phillips did. He was able to keep a disciplined class, helped us with our labs, and assigned and graded homework just like any other biology teacher would. But there was something different about how he approached our subject: He seemed to genuinely enjoy it.

One day Mr. Ford brought in petri dishes. Nothing unusual, until he said, “I was out at the nature reserve last evening walking around and found some samples of the microbes we were talking about.” Our stunned response: “You mean he actually likes doing this on his free time?” and then “Can we see them?”” To read further please click here:  http://www.teachhub.com/6-teaching-strategies-model-learning

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