5 Year Olds Coding Without Technology

By: Brian Aspinall

codess“Melissa Dann (@meld70) is a prep teacher in Melbourne Australia who has begun exploring the concepts of coding with her five year old students. Yesterday she sent me the email below. As she reflects on her own practice, I applaud her confidence in considering a blog post – way to take a risk! As such, I asked if I could quote her here in this space to get comfortable. Check out the really cool things that are happening!

Hi Brian,

Here is a quick overview of what been happening in my classroom teaching coding to 5 year olds. (Just a reminder that we have been at school for 12 weeks – its amazing!)

Game : Robots and Programmers

Children work in pairs. One child is the Robot the other is the Programmer.

Language development is an important part of the activity. Programmers can ask Robots to take steps, turn, jump, hop etc. Programmers cannot ask their Robots to do anything dangerous. Programmers must say please, or the Robot will not respond. This is similar to the game Simon Says, where the children don’t respond unless the command is prefaced with “Simon say….” And saying please is just good manners.” To read further please click here:


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