5 Ways Video Can Increase Student Ownership of Learning

By: Kasey Bell

video learning“In a student-centered classroom, it is important for students to take ownership of their learning and make it meaningful in a way that fits their needs and learning styles. This is much easier said than done. As a teacher, it can be difficult to get out of the way and let students take the reins. Ideally, we must take on the role of partner, guiding and facilitating learning. One crucial piece of the learning process is reflection, which can take many forms, but most agree that time to reflect is critical for learners of all ages.

The Swivl Robot, Swivl Capture App and Swivl Cloud offer the tools to support and make student ownership of learning possible in the classroom. When students are able to create peer-to-peer instruction videos, review performances and presentations, and see progress over time, video becomes a powerful tool to support the learning process. Below are five ways that teachers and students can use video to increase student ownership of learning.” To read further please click here: http://www.swivl.com/2015/07/video-increase-student-ownership/

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