5 ways to use Aurasma in your classroom

By:Rebacca Davies

aurasmaa“After several years of waiting, the Aurasma is now easily available to all students! The fantastic augmented reality app could previously only be used legally by students older than 17, but in the latest update the recommended age has been changed to 4+.

This opens up a world of possibilities in primary schools like my own.

1. Differentiation made easy

You can easily use Aurasma to link students to videos that match their zone of proximal development. This can be achieved in several ways: you could use instruction sheets and use different images on them to trigger different levelled videos, you could have the triggers placed around the classroom for students to access, or could place them on a continuum.

In my classroom, I use the latter, as our focus on lifelong learning and personalised learning means that students are used to continuums and are comfortable identifying their skill level.” To read further please click here:

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