5 Ways to Keep Creativity Alive in Your Common Core English Class

By:Amanda Ronan

VIDEO IN CLASS“The Common Core State Standards have generated a lot of new buzzwords in English classrooms. All of a sudden it’s not enough for students to read, but now they must perform close reading. And it is not enough to answer simple questions, but students must become experts in answering text-dependent questions. Informational and opinion texts are in, and literary texts are out. Argument writing is taking the place of creative, narrative writing. Skills like analyzing and evaluating a text are taking precedent over the now passé act of making personal connections. To many English teachers, teaching to these shifts feels like cheating their students out of a love of literature and creative writing. In fact, the word “creative” does not seem to exist in the Common Core lexicon.

However, there are many ways to work within the constraints of the Common Core standards and still foster creativity in your classroom. The key can be summed up in one, Common Core-friendly term: synthesis, or combining ideas from multiple sources and creating a new theory or system of ideas. Let’s take a look at some ways that working with your students on synthesizing can promote creativity in your English class.” To read further please click here: http://www.edudemic.com/5-ways-to-keep-creativity-alive-in-english-class/

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