5 Reasons I Use a Class Blog to Keep Families Involved

By:  Rachel Lynette

blogs2“Hi there! I’m Haley from Miss L’s Busy Bees, and I’m just bursting with excitement to share with you how my class blog is such an asset in my classroom in keeping families involved.
I’ve had coworkers ask me, “But how do you keep up with a classroom blog? Isn’t the weekly parent email the same thing?” While parent emails are great, when implementing a classroom blog into both my classroom lessons and my parent communication, it becomes a one-stop shop for the following five purposes.
This is the crucial part of the blog. Before I begin my explanation, know this: I struggled with newsletters in the past because that’s just one more thing for parents to read, and, oftentimes, ain’t nobody got time for that. In other words, I felt that they were rarely read. I needed something that my families would actually see. Amongst my frustration I found the winning ticket: Add in pictures of the students, and the parents become much more interested. It’s more visual. And, you know, parents love pictures of their kids.

Anyway, you should know the many benefits of posting these pictures.
I take an average of 75 pictures each week, and I upload them every Thursday. That may sound daunting, but really, it adds up quickly since I take pictures of our learning every day. Also, once I dedicated a specific evening to uploading the pictures, it really became second nature.” To read further please click here:  http://www.minds-in-bloom.com/2015/10/5-reasons-i-use-class-blog-to-keep.html

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