4 tools to help introverts in a 1-to-1 classroom

By: Adam Webster

groupss“There is a suggestion that rolling out a 1:1 iPad project will be a great equalizer in the classroom. Indeed many criticisms of BYOD revolve around the problem of inequality – some students will have a better device than others and then there are those that don’t have any technology at all.

So, equality being the name of the game, let’s assume we are standing in front of a 1:1 classroom. What do we see? Well, we see the old Orwellian truth, that some are more equal than others. This manifest itself in two fairly obvious ways: one inequality rises from the fact that some students will be more tech-savvy than others. Despite Prensky’s idea that our students are digital natives, this is only true to a point and in certain arenas. They are very good at social media, they are great at photo and video media, but unsurprisingly, they are not experts at using technology for learning, because until you put these devices in their hands, they’d never had to be. The second inequality arises in the fact that you may have x number of students with the same device, but they are still all very different personalities: some will be more loud, more quiet, more confident, more shy, and so on…

However, I feel that there are some features of this setup that do help bring your introverts onto a more level playing field with the extroverts in your class. It’s easy for introverts to hide in a classroom full of louder, more confident students. It’s very challenging for teachers to coax comments, discussion points, sometimes even a noise out of these students. So what follows is a few ideas of how to help these students have a voice that may be metaphorical, but can be as loud and as widely heard as anyone else’s in that classroom.” To read further please click here:

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