4 Resources for Creating and Developing Digital Portfolios

By: Jeff Bradbury

paperless3“As the educational landscape slowly turns to a completely digital and paperless classroom, we are often asking ourselves about the best methods and technologies that are available to collect and curate both teacher and student created content.

The Portfolio has certainly evolved since I was a new teacher.  I was required to put together 3 major reflections on my years accomplishments when I first arrived at my current position.  I have vivid memories of purchasing two 4 inch 3-ring binders and filling them with evidence of my professional growth.  This was a very difficult task for a music teacher who even at that time was a digital native.  How do you demonstrate your professional worth when everything you do is created at the moment a bow crosses a string and instantaneously disappears a brief moment later.

Luckily teachers and students today do not have to worry about killing dozens of trees or spending hours carefully slipping printouts of websites into 3-ring plastic sheet protectors. (ah.. the memories)  Today, teachers and students have several options at their disposal to create online digital portfolios.  I have been a big fan of each of these methods and can honestly say that there is no one “best method” for creating a digital portfolio.  It is all personal preference. Depending on your needs, and more important based on the way you think about organization, each of these methods are very valid methods of collecting, curating, and more importantly creating digital content.” To read further please click here:http://www.teachercast.net/4-resources-for-creating-and-developing-digital-portfolios/

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