35 More Ways to Use Google Classroom

By: Alice Keeler

google classroom“Back when I had only had a list of 35 ways to use Google Classroom I submitted a poster session proposal to ISTE. Since then the list has grown and you can now purchase “50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom” on Amazon. For my poster session I have come up with anadditional 35 ways you can use Google Classroom. (I guess that brings me up to 85). Here is a YouTube playlist with a short description of those 35 additional ways to use Google Classroom.

  1. Create a Blended Classroom
  2. Organize Collaborative Files
  3. Distribute Handouts
  4. Digitally Collect Analog Work
  5. Share Solutions to Assignments
  6. Highlight Student Exemplars
  7. Provide Differentiation
  8. Response to Intervention (RTI)
  9. Stop Lecturing
  10. Stop Giving Directions”

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