3 Technology Must-Do’s for Dyslexia at School

By: Fernette Eido

dyslex“From a recent article: “My teachers won’t let me take a photo of the Whiteboard…(are you serious?)” and the post has been shared over 1000 times. Yes, this is common. Yes this shouldn’t happen to students with dyslexia or dysgraphia.We are still gathering data from our Dyslexia at School Study (if you haven’t taken it, please do!  http://bit.ly/dyslexia-school), but one thing is very true – denial of assistive technology is a rampant problem in U.S. public schools.The despair is evident in the many comments that accompanied survey questions.” To read further please click here:  http://blog.dyslexicadvantage.org/2015/10/10/3-technology-must-dos-for-dyslexia-at-school/

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