3 Reasons to Use Interactive E-Books for Mobile Learning

By:Sarah Gilbert

augmentpic“Mobile learning is rapidly making its way into organizations across the globe. For many instructional designers and developers, learning about new technology, platforms, and ways of building content can be daunting. We are expanding our skills to include understanding HTML5, responsive design, and device affordances, just to name a few. In the world of native apps versus mobile web, an exciting solution is sometimes overlooked: interactive e-books.

What exactly is an interactive e-book? Similar to a ZIP (.zip) folder, an e-book is a collection of assets, files, and so forth packaged into one independent file. This file can be un-packed and run using an e-reader application, such as Apple’s iBooks, Kobo, Adobe Digital Editions, or Kindle. The most versatile file format for an e-book is EPUB (.epub), but there are others such as MOBI (.mobi) for Kindle and iBook (.ibook) for Apple’s iPad.”To read further please click here:  https://www.td.org/Publications/Blogs/Learning-Technologies-Blog/2015/07/3-Reasons-to-Use-Interactive-E-Books-for-Mobile-Learning

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