19 Ways to use blogs with students

By: Ariana Witt

blog4“Ever want to try out blogging with your students, but you weren’t sure how? Well it’s never too early to start. Currently my students are using Blogger (for the ease of its connection with Google) and the kids have taken to it much better than I would have thought. Last year, I tried it out with my advisory, a test case if you will. Just one class, specifically chronicling their senior year of high school and write through their transitions. It was a successful and so this year, I wanted to push a little farther.

Here are some suggestions for all ages and content areas.

  • For teaching digital citizenship: in this age, students need to be taught how to be appropriate digital citizens. The blog is one way to help students navigate this landscape. Seeing how others use blogs by reading them and commenting on them, provides students opportunities to practice these essential skills. Blogging in tandem with social media, offers students valuable time to experience and develop their digital footprint.”

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