12 ways to use Google Classroom’s newest features

By:Matt Miller

google classroomIn fall of 2014, Google released Classroom to anxiously awaiting teachers. In a year’s time, those teachers put Classroom to work, with students turning in more than 70 million assignments.

Google released a handful of useful updates to Classroom recently andsome others in the last few monthsthat let teachers and students do even more fantastic learning.

It’s nice to see these updates, but I’ve found it often leaves teachers wondering, “What can I do with those changes?”

Good question! Here are 12 ideas for the classroom that these changes have made possible. As you read these, I’d love it if you thought about ways you or other teachers are using Classroom. Post those ideas as a comment at the end of the article!

Prefer to see how to put these ideas into action? Check out the interactive YouTube videos I created to accompany this post. Click on the embedded video below or here to see a list of all 12 ideas. Then click on the one you want to watch to be taken directly to a short video (about 80 seconds).” To read further please click here:  http://ditchthattextbook.com/2015/08/27/12-ways-to-use-google-classrooms-newest-features/

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