12 Things I’d Like Teachers to Understand about Autism

By:Lisa Smith

autism“I have a follower who is a teacher and she asked me to do a “Ten things I’d like to tell teachers about autism” list. I came up with 12 things that I would tell my son’s teachers in grade school if I could go back in time.

1. Autism is a huge spectrum. 

If you have taught other children with autism you may have a good general idea of what autism looks like but my son will still be different than the others. If you have questions about my son or how autism affects him, ask me. Nothing will impress me more about you than your willingness to learn about my son and his needs.

2. A routine and transition warnings are helpful for a child with autism.

While we know that flexibility is an important life skill and one we need to work on, my son does not handle surprises or big changes in his routine well. Things like a substitute teacher, a fire drill, or a field trip are all going to cause anxiety for my son. A warning and clear instructions will help. A visual schedule would be a helpful tool for my son. A five-minute warning, a two-minute warning, and tolerance are needed. “To read further please click here:

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